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Writing Competition

Do you have a scary tale to tell? This year we are asking all SaTH staff for their original and gripping stories to celebrate ‘Tell a Story Day’.

BNF and BNFC Introduces Their New App

A new app for the BNF and BNFC launched this July makes it quicker and easier for prescribers, pharmacists and healthcare professionals to access drug information.

Behind the Headlines

A guide to the science that make the news and the facts behind the stories.

SaTH Craft and Chat Group

Do you Knit, Crochet, Cross Stitch or enjoy any other type of crafting, or would like to learn a new skill? Come and join a friendly group of colleagues for a chat and a chance to work on some craft projects or learn a new crafty skill.

Revalidation Reflective Reading Sessions

Supporting Nursing & Midwifery Revalidation, how do the Revalidation Reflective Reading Sessions work?

Pocket-sized Training – 2 New Sessions Taking Place

A Short Introduction to Medical Terminology.

This short session is designed as an introduction to medical terminology for non-medical staff.

Library OmniSearch

Library OmniSearch is our one-stop shop for searching library resources, covering books, e-books, articles, evidence resources, the BNF and journals

National Bring Your Teddy to Work Day 

Wednesday 11th October 2017 – Can’t take a Teddy into the workplace? Just drop them off at the Teddy Bear Crèche in the libraries, they can have hours of fun, stories and meet new pals!

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  • Single-injection vaccine device still a long way off
    "Scientists invent injection that could deliver every childhood vaccine in one go," reports The Independent. Various media sources have run stories on a new injection they claim could allow multiple childhood vaccines to be delivered in a single jab. This follows the development in the US of a method of making a tiny, multilayered biodegradable […]
  • Women more likely than men to lose interest in sex
    "Women get bored of having sex with their partner after just a year together, a new study suggests," is the rather crass story in the Mail Online. The news is based on research that actually found multiple factors increased the likelihood of both men and women reporting a lack of interest in sex. The findings […]
  • Tattoo ink particles can spread into lymph nodes
    "Tattoos could give you cancer, new research suggests," is the entirely unsupported claim from the Mail Online. The news come from a study that found evidence particles from tattoo ink can spread into lymph nodes – but it hasn't been proven that tattoo ink causes cancer. Researchers used samples of skin and adjacent lymph nodes […]
  • No change to alcohol guidelines for pregnancy
    "There is little evidence having the occasional drink while pregnant harms a baby," reports the Mail Online. This follows a review of international research looking at whether low-to-moderate alcohol consumption – no more than 1 to 2 units, once or twice a week – was linked with adverse pregnancy outcomes. To put this in context, […]
  • Avoid eating just before your bedtime, study recommends
    "It's not what you eat, it's when you eat that matters: study shows timing your meals right is the key to beating obesity," the Mail Online reports. The headline was prompted by a small US study involving 110 university students. Researchers gave them activity monitors to wear, measured their sleep patterns, and observed how much […]