COVID-19 Evidence Bulletin 5 just published

We’ve just published the fifth of our COVID-19 Evidence Bulletins, with lots of new and updated guidance and evidence resources to support the response to coronavirus.

Previous editions of the Evidence Bulletins, as well as other useful resources can be found on the COVID-19 Resources page, and we also have separate pages on e-learning and e-books.

The bulletins aren’t exhaustive, and lots of new evidence is being published all the time in journals and elsewhere that isn’t included. Library staff can carry out detailed searches to locate the latest literature, either in relation to COVID-19 treatment or rehabilitation, remote working, or any other topic.

If you’d like an easy way to receive the Evidence Bulletins by email, simply sign-up for our KnowledgeShare Evidence Updates. As well as being alerted to our COVID-19 Evidence Bulletins, you can be alerted to new evidence on any clinical or professional topics of interest to you through fortnightly personalised alerts.