Critical Appraisal

We can help to enable you and your team to understand how to appraise research literature for its validity and relevance to clinical practice.

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Books and e-books

How to Read a Paper. Trisha Greenhalgh (2014) [e-book]. Print copies also available in our libraries.

Demystifies evidence-based medicine and explains how to critically appraise published research and also put the findings into practice.

Critical appraisal: from papers to patient: a practical guide. Bootland, Duncan and Coughlan, Evan (2017) [book]

Written by clinicians, for clinicians, it takes the reader step by step through the process so that any journal article can be easily read, evidence evaluated and the results - and their reliability - truly understood. By integrating this with knowledge of local skills and resources and patient preference, the reader will be able to apply the best possible care that his or her patients deserve.

The doctor's guide to critical appraisal. Gosall, Narinder Kaur and Gosall, Gurpal Singh (2012) [book]

Used by doctors, dentists, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists andstudents worldwide, this book will help you to stay up-to-date with the latest evidence, prepare journal club presentations and plan research projects. Every chapter focuses on a single topic, assuming no prior knowledge. Clinical scenarios, figures and exercises emphasise important principles.