Room Bookings

There are four seminar rooms (LC1 - LC4) and two IT Training Rooms in the Shrewsbury Health Library.

Seminar Rooms (Learning Centre, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital)

The seminar rooms are booked via the Undergraduate Department at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

You can access the online calendar to check availability, and contact to make a booking.

IT Training Rooms (Learning Centre, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital)

We have two IT Training Rooms (currently IT Training Room 1 one is unavailable due to the pandemic) booked via the Shrewsbury Health Library. There is a charge to use each room of £40 per day (or part of). To book, please supply a signed copy of the IT Training Room Charge Form.

For web-based applications, there are 8 PCs on the Staffordshire University network in IT Training Room 1, and for SaTH Intranet applications there are 8 PCs on the SaTH network in IT Training Room 2 (this room can only be booked by SaTH staff).