New catalogue for Shropshire Health Libraries coming in October

On the 28th October 2020, we’re launching a new library catalogue using WorldCat Discovery. This will replace our old one, and will offer more features to enable enhanced searching of print books, e-books, articles and journals in a single place. This is a big project for us, but it will offer a much better service.

We’ve put together some answers to some questions about the changeover process, which will take place between the 26th and 28th October.

Will there be any time when the catalogue will be unavailable?

Yes, we anticipate that it won’t be possible to access the catalogue between the 26th and the 28th of October while the changeover happens. If you need assistance during that time, please contact us, or RJAH Library if you’re a member there.

What if I have books due back during that time

No books will be due back between the 23rd October and the 2nd November, so you won’t get any loan reminders or need to renew any books during that time.

Will I need to re-register?

No, your old library account will transfer across, along with records of any books you have on loan.

Will my library card number change?

No, you’ll still keep your existing number, and your existing library card.

Do I need to reset my password?

Everyone will need a password to login to the catalogue to renew and reserve books. If you had one before, you’ll need to reset it, and if you didn’t have one before you’ll need to set one.

When you go to sign in to the catalogue, you’ll be able to click the ‘Set/Reset’ password link to send yourself a password reset email.

Passwords need to be nine characters or more, with a mixture of letters and numbers. Library staff will be unable to see your passwords, but you can easily send yourself a reset link, or ask us to send you one. This will make your account much more secure.

Do I need to return all my books before the changeover?

No, there’s no need to return your books before the changeover, unless someone else has requested them or we have invoiced you for them because they’re very overdue.

What improvements will the new catalogue offer?

The new catalogue will offer a lot of advantages over the old one, including:

  • The ability to search for e-books and articles, along with print books
  • The ability to create your own lists of books, and share these if you want
  • You’ll be able to see book covers (to help you find the book on the shelf) along with more details about books such as contents lists
  • You’ll be able to do a virtual ‘shelf browse’ and see what other books are on the same shelf
  • You can get formatted citations for any items you find, in a variety of citation styles including Harvard, and you can export them to to reference manager packages such as RefWorks
  • Print and e-books will be shown together so you can see instantly if we hold a e-book copy of a print book
  • Results can be quickly filtered by year, format, library, author and more
  • The article search uses Medline, ERIC, PsycARTICLES and the Cochrane Library databases to offer a wide-ranging search
  • E-books from different suppliers can be found, including open access e-books
  • The ability to see (and eventually to request) books held by other libraries outside Shropshire