Leonardo da Vinci partnership project: Enhance it (2014)

Type of publication:
Conference abstract

Salek T., Martin J., Gasljevic V., Horvath A., Borg C., Mestric Flegar Z., Jakovcic M., Silhavik J., Adonics A., Szlamka Z., Brincat I., Buttigieg D., Ciantar N., Sciortino A., Adkins A., *Bennett T., Rice K., Taylor Y.

Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, November 2014, vol./is. 52/11(eA360-eA361), 1434-6621 (November 2014)

Aim: The aim of this Partnership project is to share and develop good practice in continuing professional development for biomedical scientists and from this to collaboratively develop an EU-toolkit for delivery of high quality continuing professional deelopment activities provided by European hospital laboratories. Methods: University of Wolverhampton (UK), Department of clinical biochemistry of Tomas Bata hospital in Zlin (CZE), Pathology department of the Mater Dei Hospital of Malta, Croatian Metrology Society and Horvath and Dubecz Consulting, Ltd., Budapest (Hungary) are participants of the project. The project is divided into five parts: – identify core elements of good practice by the comparison of approaches to CPD used within partner organizations and countries – define European quality standards and criteria for accreditation and evaluation of local hospital CPD activities – develop a framework for inclusion of reflective practice in CPD activities – produce guidelines for European hospital laboratories on managing and organizing quality CPD opportunities for laboratory staff – devise exemplar hospital laboratory CPD activities for provision on a new European hospitals CPD providers Community of Practice network. Results: The first exemplar activity and first project part has been completed, the common website www.enhanceit.eu has been created. Part 1 of the toolkit, including its checklist, has been completed to general positive acceptance of all participants-both trainers and trainees. Conclusion: The project has successful progress and we hope it improve CPD practice in European Union.

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