BerEP4 and CD34 immunostaining distinguishes basaloid tricholemmoma from basal cell carcinoma (2014)

Type of publication:
Conference abstract

Turnbull N., Ghumra W., *Mudaliar V., Vella J., Sanders S., Taibjee S., Carr R.

American Journal of Dermatopathology, February 2014, vol./is. 36/2(e54-e55), 0193-1091 (February 2014)

Aim: To study of the utility of an immunopanel comprising BerEP4, EMA and CD34 in the differential diagnosis of basaloid tricholemmoma and basal cell carcinoma. Method: An immunopanel comprising BerEP4, EMA and CD34 was applied to 48 tricholemmomas (TL) diagnosed and collected over a 12 year period including 10 tumours with a prominent basaloid component (BTL). Patterns of immunostaining were compared with BCC from our extensive database. Positive immunostaining was defined as moderate to strong intensity in a minimum of 10% of the tumour area. Results: Positivity for BerEP4, EMA and CD34 respectively was as follows: TL – 1/24 (4.1%), 4/21 (19%), 34/34 (100%), BTL- 2/9 (22%), 1/7 (14%), 10/10 (100%) and BCC – 218/219 (99.5%), 10/199 (5%), 0/14 (0%). CD34 in TL was often only focally positive (10% in 5/ 10 cases of BTL). BerEP4 was expressed in at most 20% of the tumour area in basaloid tricholemmomas, but in at least 40% of the tumour area in 95.4% of BCC. Conclusion: Immunostaining for CD34 in combination with BerEP4 helps distinguish BTL from BCC.

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