The interconnectedness of ethical, phenomenological and hermeneutical dimensions influencing trustworthiness in the qualitative research interview (2015)

Type of publication:
Journal article

Ellingsen, Sidsel, Drageset, Sigrunn, *McSherry, Wilfred

Nordic Nursing Research / Nordisk Sygeplejeforskning, 01 March 2015, vol./is. 5/1(70-76)

Creating trustworthy research knowledge within the qualitative research interview requires a high level of interpersonal sensitivity and reflexivity. This paper describes how ethical, phenomenological and hermeneutical dimensions are present during the qualitative research interview (QRI) and further discuss their interconnectedness and significance on the overall trustworthiness of the data created. The quality of any qualitative research interview is related to and dependent upon an open approach and the expertise of the researcher to meet ethical, phenomenological and hermeneutical challenges that arise.