A Model for care: 6 year experience of recruitment into breast cancer trials – a single centre perspective (2015)

Type of publication:
Poster presentation

Dr S Khanduri Consultant Clinical Oncologist and Sr H Moore Trust Lead Research Nurse

Poster presented at the National Clinical Research Institute Cancer Conference, November 2015

The National Institute for Health research has been advised of the need to see sustained improvement in the performance of NHS providers in initiating and delivering clinical research. At Shrewsbury and  Telford NHS Trust a dedicated trials team have supported the breast oncology service to improve trials recruitment.

Over a 6 year period 1373 patients were identified as potentially eligible for opportunity to enter clinical trials and 39.8% accepted, 25.8% declined, 5 % were subsequently ineligible. A comprehensive  screening program with a dedicated clinical trials team to support patients with information can  enhance clinical trial recruitment and improve patient care. We support this as a model for care.

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