The role of ultrasound scanning (USS) in right iliac fossa (RIF) pain: Is USS imaging delaying emergency appendicectomies? (2015)

Type of publication:
Conference abstract

*Sukha A., *Luke D.

International Journal of Surgery, November 2015, vol./is. 23/(S114)

Aim: This project investigates USS results from patients who had undergone appendicectomies to assess the sensitivity and specificity in detecting a histology positive acute appendicitis. We also investigated whether the decision to USS delayed an emergency procedure. Methods: Retrospective data collection between January-June 2014. Data was collected from Theatre log books, Pathology/PACS systems. Results: Between January-June 2014, 226 appendectomies were performed on the emergency-operating list. 15% (n = 34) ha d undergone pre-operative USS (74% Female, Mean age = 27 years). 76% (n = 26) of those who had a scan went onto have a diagnostic laparoscopy and appendicectomy, 24% (n = 8) had an open appendicectomy.53% (n = 18) were found to have a histology proven positive appendicitis. USS as an investigation to detect acute appendicitis demonstrated a sensitivity of 22.2% an d specificity of 68.8%, PPV of 44.4% and a NPV of 44.0%. A mean delay of 0.97 days was observed from admission to operation due to USS. Conclusion: US S result often does not change the definitive management in patients with ongoing RIF pain. Diagnostic laparoscopy can be therapeutic even in the absence of appendicitis. With USS delaying time to theatre and increasing hospital stay we conclude the USS has a limited role in investigating RIF pain in a patient presenting with the classic acute appendicitis.