Dentistry in nasal reconstruction (2014)

Type of publication:
Conference abstract

*Bhatia S., *Mihalache G.

British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, October 2014, vol./is. 52/8(e104-e105), 0266-4356 (October 2014)

Introduction: Popularity of aesthetic nasal surgery is testament to the importance patients place on the cosmetic appearance of the nose. Some nasal defects following tumour surgery require a Rhinectomy or partial Rhinectomy. Nasal defects can have significant psychological and functional morbidity. There are various surgical options for reconstruction of nasal defects. There a variety of reconstructive methods including prosthetic. Dentists are used to taking intra oral impressions.We used this expertise to reconstruct patient specific splints. Where the original nose is present prior to tumour excision we use that to make a two part splint to allow fabrication of a neo nose with good results. Materials:We present a series of patients that underwent partial rhinectomy for tumour. At presentation the nasal shape was largely intact. Impressions were taken of the nose, both intra and of the external nose. A two part interlocking splint was made to facilitate reconstruction and allows remodelling like the original nose. Three layer composite reconstructionwas carried out with intra oral lining for mucosa, auricular cartilage for cartilage and a variety of skin flaps for external skin. Results: Nasal form and function was remarkable with good cosmesis. Good functional result with reconstruction of the external valve too. Conclusions: The use of the prefabricated individual splints allow for a better result with good forma and function of partial nasal reconstruction.

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