Managing glycaemic trends in people with diabetes requiring enteral feeding support: The challenges in primary and secondary care (2017)

Type of publication:
Journal article

*Richardson, Erica A.; Agbasi, Nneka

Journal of Diabetes Nursing; Aug 2017; vol. 21 (no. 7); p. 241-246

Matching therapeutic treatments to manage glycaemic excursions in people with diabetes receiving enteral nutrition (e.g. nasogastric, gastrostomy or jejunostomy) can be difficult. There is evidence to suggest that there is an increased risk of complications and mortality, longer lengths of stay in hospital, higher risk of intensive care input and higher demands for transitional or nursing home care post discharge. Other intrinsic factors, such as illness, timing of medications, poly-pharmacy, types of feeding regimen chosen and history of diabetes, all need to be considered when choosing appropriate treatments. This article describes the challenges of supporting people with diabetes requiring enteral feeding and the implications for diabetes nurses.

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