Social Isolation and Lung Cancer: Does This Impact the Length of Time on The Lung Cancer Pathway Or Uptake Of MDT Recommended Treatments (2024)

Type of publication:
Conference abstract

Anderson V.; Dalrymple P.; Crowley G.; Shephard P.; Holmes C.; *McAdams J.; Morley J.; Sarah E.; Ivey S.; Bentley K.; Bate G.B.; English P.; Russell G.; Bostock L.

Lung Cancer. Conference: 22nd Annual British Thoracic Oncology Group Conference 2024. Belfast United Kingdom. 190(Supplement 1) (no pagination), 2024. Article Number: 107683. Date of Publication: April 2024.

Aims "Bridging The Gap" report by UKLCC (2022) suggested addressing health inequalities in lung cancer has a significant impact on patient outcomes. LCNUK investigated a possible correlation between social isolation (lack of social contacts and having few people to interact with regularly) and time on pathway. Methods A Literature review conducted, highlighted a lack of UK research in this area. LCNUK members were surveyed for feedback and data was collected on 90 patients across 9 regions in the UK. Results 56 completed surveys were received from LCNUK members. 50% of responders felt that social isolation impacted patient progress on the pathway & 41% believed it influenced uptake of treatment. [Formula presented] Conclusion 50% of lung cancer nurses felt social isolation would negatively impact upon the length of the pathway, this project found that to be unproven. Data suggested a possible link between social isolation and uptake of MDT recommended treatment. This is a small sample size and may not be representative of the national picture and therefore more research is needed. Disclosure: No significant relationships.