Five historical innovations that have shaped modern otolaryngological surgery (2024)

Type of publication:
Journal article

*Patel R; Acharya R; *Shah S; Desai C; Raveshia D; *Panesar H; Patel N; Mcconaghie G; Cain DC; *Parmar D; Banerjee R; Singh R

Journal of Perioperative Practice. 17504589241244996, 2024 Jun 03.

Throughout history, many innovations have contributed to the development of modern otolaryngological surgery, improving patient outcomes and expanding the range of treatment options available to patients. This article explores five key historical innovations that have shaped modern otolaryngological surgery: Operative Microscope, Hopkins Rigid Endoscope, Laryngeal Nerve monitoring, Cochlear implants and Laser surgery. The selection of innovations for inclusion in this article was meticulously determined through expert consensus and an extensive literature review. We will review the development, impact and significance of each innovation, highlighting their contributions to the field of otolaryngological surgery and their ongoing relevance in contemporary and perioperative practice.