Physiotherapists utilizing diagnostic ultrasound in shoulder clinics. How useful do patients find immediate feedback from the scan as part of the management of their problem? (2018)

Type of publication:
Journal article

*Lumsden, Gordon; *Lucas-Garner, Kerry; *Sutherland, Sarah; *Dodenhoff, Ron

Musculoskeletal care; Mar 2018; vol. 16 (no. 1); p. 209-213

AIMSPhysiotherapists are beginning to utilize diagnostic ultrasound imaging in upper limb/shoulder clinics. The aim of the present study was to receive feedback on the views of the patients concerning the usefulness of the information obtained immediately from the scan in the management of their problem.METHODS A questionnaire was offered to all patients attending a physiotherapist-led upper limb/shoulder clinic who underwent ultrasound imaging as part of a shoulder assessment over a 6-month period. A total of 103 patients completed a questionnaire for analysis.RESULTSPatients rated the ultrasound scan to be of benefit in all aspects. Regarding the ability to understand their shoulder problem better and in feeling reassured about their problem, 97% of patients either strongly agreed or agreed that this was the case. Concerning the capability of managing their problem, 89% of patients strongly agreed or agreed that they felt more able to do this. In total, 96% of patients evaluated the ultrasound scan to be of very high/high value to them.CONCLUSION Patients highly rate the information gained from ultrasound imaging in a physiotherapy-led upper limb/shoulder clinic and felt that it assisted them in the understanding, reassurance and management of their problem.

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