A pilot experience in using a digital app to follow-up prostate cancer patients in Shropshire, UK (2017)

Type of publication:
Conference abstract

*Phan Y.; *Loh A.; *Anandakumar A.; *Umranikar S.; *Elves A.

Journal of Endourology; Sep 2017; vol. 31, S2

Introduction & Objective: It is not uncommon for patients with cancer to experience physical, mental and social distress, forming a significant burden that has a negative impact on their quality of life. We have piloted a digital app called VitruCare in our hospital in order to address these issues in patients with prostate cancer. More importantly, the app also serves as a communication tool between the hospital medical team and the patients. Materials and Methods: Patients with prostate cancer were invited to use VitruCare in our pilot study. 53 users were followed prospectively. Data on various domains such as "My Goals", "My Lifestyle", "My Priorities", "My Diaries", and "How Do I Feel Today" were analysed retrospectively. Results: The users of this application have a median age of 72.5 years old. 14% have nodal or bone metastasis, and median time since treatment is 48 months. 60% have completed the lifestyle questionnaire and "How Do I Feel Today" trackers. 20% of the users who completed the lifestyle questionnaire reported anxiety. 42% have used the diary function and 47% have used the secured messaging function. Usage of the lifestyle questionnaire, "How Do I Feel Today" trackers, secured messaging and diary functions does not appear to be age related. Patients who have been treated and further away from treatment in time are more likely to be used the app. Conclusions: The level of engagement in this pilot study reflects the willingness of patients to utilize this innovative app that has the potential to monitor the well-being of patients with prostate cancer out with the constraints of a fixed clinic appointment.