A patient centred, self-management app providing digital support and follow up care for citizens with prostate cancer (2018)

Type of publication:
Conference abstract

*Elves A.; *Dunk S.; *Perry S.; *Srihari N.; Khanduri S.; Redgrave R.; Pope R.

Journal of Clinical Urology; Jun 2018; vol. 11 ; p. 26

Introduction: The challenges of increasing cancer survivors, National Survivorship Programme/Recovery package and drive to stratified care combined with funding and workforce constraints require novel approaches to follow-up care. We describe a web-based App facilitating stratified care through remote patient self management for patients undergoing follow-up for prostate cancer. Method: Patients with stable prostate cancer were eligible for recruitment. The App was offered as a replacement to face to face follow-up or for communication and support. App functionalities include remote follow-up, self-reporting of disease/treatment effects, multimedia information/sign posting and secure messaging to a clinical nurse specialist. Outcomes included up-take, use of App functionalities, number of follow-ups delivered, escalations in care and user satisfaction. Results: One hundred and twenty patients identified were eligible for the App. Sixty five patients recruited gen-erated 342 messages and 627 patient self-reported disease/treatment effect entry sessions providing 3036 readings. Sexual health and hormone side effects were most common reported issues.Sixty-six per cent of users were over 69 years. Forty four patients received digital follow-up over the 10 month period. Clinician concerns about disease progression or user lack of internet access or device were the principle obstacle to recruitment. Conclusion: The App was safe and allowed patients to provide feedback upon symptoms, wellbeing and interact proactively with their healthcare team on an ad hoc basis as well as regular follow-up. This fundamental change in approach to delivery of clinical care has wider application to a range of urological conditions.