Pre-transplant Nurse Led Education Clinic (2019)

Type of publication:
Poster presentation

*Dean S, *Rogers C, *Chand S

Joint British Transplant Society and NHS Blood and Transplant Annual Congress 6th – 8th March 2019, Harrogate Convention Centre

Introduction: Locally, there is a 40% pre-emptive renal transplant listing rate, between 2013-2016; and 22% for living donor pre-emptive 2014-2017. Thus we needed to revise our processes. After returning from the tertiary transplant centre, patient feedback including their shock of what was required and their follow-up arrangements, and they felt under-prepared from their local education.
Methods: By creating a separate renal pre-transplant education clinic, we aim to improve the education and experience of potential recipients and donors in order to improve or transplantation rates. This clinic was started in August 2016. It was also important to rationalise the time of the single transplant nurse more effectively.
Results: The nurse was able to stop time wasted travelling between individual consultant clinics, catching patients in an adhoc manner, and time wasted travelling between hospital sites. There was an increase of 20% over a 18 months period of patients transplant listed. Patients feedback has been qualitatively positive after their tertiary centre assessments, with noone reporting feeling under-prepared or shocked from the information and requirements if transplanted. Discussion: The nurse led clinic has been successful and we would like to share this model with other units. Other surprising benefits have included patients being better prepared for their transplantation clinic assessment at the tertiary assessment. Potential living donor assessments and any initial investigations have been identified and performed in a more timely manner. The clinic has also allowed to unmask and address unmet psychological and social needs prior to being assessed for transplantation and thus reducing the psychological burden post-transplantation.