Improving survivorship: A novel partnership between a large colorectal unit and the charity Bowel Cancer UK (2020)

Type of publication:
Conference abstract

*Hamilton E.; *Lloyd A.; *Cheetham M.; Wix S.; Stone R.

Colorectal Disease; Jul 2020; vol. 22 ; p. 54

Background: Bowel Cancer UK and the NHS both have a focus on developing personalised care packages for patients with bowel cancer. Optimising digital information available and signposting patients to resources or events, both locally and nationally can help living well, with and beyond cancer . Method(s): A partnership was initiated between a large district general hospital and Bowel Cancer UK, to refer patients to the charity during clinical appointments, aided by leaflets and information provided on clinical letters. 'Active signposting' commenced September 2019 and will run until April 2020. A cohort of patients has completed a survey to identify uptake, aiding planning of future services. Result(s): 136 new patients were signposted to the charity to date. 70% of patients identified that they had been given information about the website from the hospital, but only 29% subsequently visited the website. 40% of patients stated that a referral letter from the hospital would make them more likely to use the website; patients did not request or identify any other new services that they would find useful. The next phase will involve signposting patients three months after diagnosis. Conclusion(s): This partnership will form part of the personalised care package for patients and is a model that other trusts could consider. Feedback received will help shape future resources and events made available to patients, and help develop a template for NHS Trusts working in partnership with Bowel Cancer UK.

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