'There's a frog in my throat': bilateral prolapsing lung apices presenting as a neck lump (2021)

Type of publication:Journal article

Author(s):*Ahmed R.A.; *Yang D.; *Nedham M.; *Osborne M.S.; *Ahsan S.F.

Citation:Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England; Sep 2021; vol. 103 (no. 8)

Abstract:This case report discusses an unusual presentation of a voluntarily produced neck mass, caused by the rare case of lung herniation. Lung herniation is associated with increased intrathoracic pressure that can be caused by chronic chough, straining and continuous positive airway pressure ventilation. An association with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome 1 also exists. We present a case of lung herniation that was multifactorial in nature and was identified at a head and neck clinic. The female patient presented with a voluntarily expandable anterior neck mass on Valsalva manoeuvre. Computed tomography imaging with and without Valsalva manoeuvre demonstrated bilateral anterior lung herniation and findings of spinal spondylosis.

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