Her-2 expression pattern evaluation in breast invasive lobular carcinoma and its association to the clinicopathomorphological characteristics and female sex hormones expression in 71 cases (2022)

Type of publication:Conference abstract

Author(s):Barron M.; Asaad A.; Ali S.; Chicken W.; Elamass M.; Alkistawi F.; Abdalla Al-Zawi A.S.; *Khan K.A.; Idaewor P.; Osayi K.

Citation:European Journal of Surgical Oncology; Feb 2022; vol. 48 (no. 2)

Abstract:Background: HER2 status is considered as an important prognostic and predictive factor in breast cancer treatment The cellular E-cadherin protein (encoded by the CDH1 gene) is expressed in the breast epithelial cells. Its function is functions is epithelial-to epithelial cell adhesion and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition. Invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) is characterised by the absence of E-cadherin expression, usually its oestrogen /progesterone positive however lack Her-2 amplification. Approximately, about 20% of breast cancers are Her2 +ve. The evidence revealed that, HER2 amplification or overexpression is encountered predominantly in invasive ductal carcinomas (NST) of high nuclear grade and infrequently in pleomorphic lobular carcinomas. The aim is to analyse the Her-2 expression pattern in breast invasive lobular carcinoma.Material(s) and Method(s): The clinical records of 71 patients diagnosed in the period between 2014 -2019,with ILC has been analysed. The lobular phenotype was confirmed by the absence of E-cadherin expression. We have evaluated the following criteria: clinico-pathologic variables, female sex hormone receptor status as well as Her-2 expression status.Result(s): ILC cases has been identified in 71 cases, the age ranges between 39-85 yrs, with mean of 68.In 22.% of cases, the phenotype was mixed ILC& invasive ductal carcinoma. Her-2 overexpression detected in 13% cases, 89% of Her2+ve group are above 65 years of age. Her2 overexpression was more associated with ER+ve group (13%), where 60% were ER+ve,PR+ve and Her2-ve, also 23% noticed to have PR-ve status. Triple negative status was seen only in two cases(2.8%), one of them was pleomorphic lobular carcinoma, both cases age was > 80 yrs.Ki-67 was tested in 58 patients, it was low or moderate in 66%, 7% was Her2 +ve with high Ki-67.Her2+ve status was associated with tumour grade 2 in 7% of cases, grade 3(1.4%) and grade 1 (4%).Conclusion(s): ER expression is noticed to in HER2+ classical ILCs, in spite of the fact that the level of expression is significantly low, compared with the Her2ve- disease.