Deposition keratopathy (2022)

Type of publication:Journal article

Panthagani J.; MacDonald T.; *Bruynseels A.; Madathilethu S.C.; Jenyon T.

Citation:British Journal of Hospital Medicine. 83(7) (pp 1-13), 2022. Date of Publication: 02 Jul 2022.

Abstract:Material can be deposited in the cornea as a result of a wide range of systemic and ophthalmic diseases, as well as local and systemic therapies. Causes include local infection or trauma, systemic malignancy, a wide range of medications and a host of genetic and metabolic diseases. Some of these can be acutely life threatening, so generalists caring for both children and adults should have a basic awareness of the pattern and distribution of corneal deposits to facilitate timely diagnosis, investigation, management or onward referral to avoid significant morbidity or mortality. This article outlines causes of corneal deposits found in patients presenting to primary care, ophthalmic clinics or encountered on the wards to help generalists avoid missing serious pathology. It also provides insight into the natural history of underlying causative conditions and their possible treatments.