Improving Training Compliance Cleanliness Teams (2023)

Type of publication:
Service improvement case study

*Hayley Farmer, *Stacey Jones, *Julie O’Donoghue, *Natalie Matthews, *Sharon Smallwood, *Tracey Fanning

SaTH Improvement Hub, 2023

Back in March 2022 the Domestic Teams statutory and mandatory training had been 83% for PRH & 75% for RSH. The domestic teams have found it a challenge in the last few months to complete their mandatory training. In June their compliance dropped to 76% for PRH and 67% for RSH and it has been difficult to raise this compliance %. This coincided with the introduction of the Learning Made Simple platform. We have taken the opportunity to investigate this variation in compliance %, looking at whether the introduction of the Learning Made Simple platform has been the main reason for a decrease in compliance or whether other factors are involved and test various solutions to increase compliance. On the 8th January 2023 report the team at PRH are now at 94.76% and 93.96% for RSH.

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