To increase clinic capacity through the RSH pre-assessment department (2022)

Type of publication:
Service improvement case study

*Rachael Bollands (Pre-Op Manager)

SaTH Improvement Hub, 2022

The demand for a pre-operative assessment is growing and the current process results in many patients having to attend an additional appointment which is severely impacting on capacity. To overcome this, it was agreed to test out a “One-Stop Triage” process that would result in increasing capacity, while also improving patient satisfaction, which was extremely low. Following engagement with patients and colleagues, a new triage process was agreed and tested for 10 days. Following the trial, the data showed significant improvements to an increase to capacity, due to a decrease in additional appointments, while also significantly improving patient satisfaction. The aim now is to roll out the process to PRH and make this the new standard practice for our patients who require a pre-operative assessment.

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