A Case of the Cascade Stomach; Laparoscopic Sleeve of Fundoplication (2023)

Type of publication:Conference abstract

Author(s):*Davies S.; *Maharaja G.; *Riera M.

Citation:14th Annual Scientific Meeting of British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society, BOMSS 2023

Abstract:A Case of the Cascade Stomach; Sleeve of Fundoplication Introduction The cascade stomach is a long standing known entity often referred to as 'cup and spill deformity' but very little is known on the management of these cases particularly surgically. Cases often present with acid reflux and vomiting due to the physiological and anatomical deformity of the stomach and are subsequently referred to the benign upper gastrointestinal/bariatric surgeon to manage. Surgical options reported in the literature are sparse but include gastropexy, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and laparoscopic fundoplication. Methods We present this unusual condition as a case report, discuss the challenges in management and propose surgical management options. Conclusion Although rare this cases propose a challenge to the benign UGI surgeon as currently there is very little in the literature to support best management options. This unusual case was managed with a laparoscopic Nissen's fundoplication and we further propose that this should potentially be the standard recognised course of treatment in these cases due to the pathophysiological nature of this condition and the functional process which often leads to these patients to be high risk of acid reflux.