Service redesign: how a tissue viability specialist lead nurse developed and improved acute wound care through real-world evidence and partnership working (2021)

Type of publication:
Journal article

*Clare Checketts, Jacqui Hughes, Helen Horton, Tim Styche

British Journal of Healthcare Management, May 2021,

The importance of leadership in service redesign should not be underestimated. Increasing demand for services and cost-effective approaches makes the drive and dedication of a leader towards quality improvement crucial. The lead tissue viability nurse at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust worked in partnership with the wound care industry to redesign the trust’s acute wound care service. An audit was carried out and an opportunity to reduce variations in care was identified. To achieve this, the service reduced the number of foam dressings on the formulary, listing only the ALLEVYN (Smith+Nephew, UK) family of wound dressings. As a result, the volume of dressings used reduced by 4.8%, meaning that the service produced less waste and saw a cost reduction of approximately £14066 over a 6-month period. This article highlights the positive outcomes that can be achieved through streamlining formularies, reducing variations in care and delivering robust care pathways. It also describes the collaborative working approach taken by this service, spearheaded by the lead tissue viability nurse, as an example of innovative practice for other NHS trusts.