Lung Ultrasound for Diagnosis of Primary Graft Dysfunction in Lung Transplantation Recipients (2024)

Type of publication:
Conference abstract

O'Brien E.; Curry S.; Rubino A.; Barker A.; *Miller A.; Parmar J.

Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. Conference: ISHLT 44th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions Prague Congress Centre. Prague Czechia. 43(4 Supplement) (pp S345), 2024. Date of Publication: April 2024.

Purpose: To determine if lung aeration scores calculated using LUS correlate with the identification and grading of PGD in lung transplantation recipients identified on bedside chest radiography (CXR) and PaO2/FiO2 as the reference standard. Method(s): This is a two-year, single-centre, prospective observational study investigating lung transplantation patients admitted post-operatively to Critical Care at Royal Papworth Hospital (RPH). LUS assessments to examine 12-lung regions were conducted at specified timepoints and scored retrospectively. Differences between LUS aeration scores for PGD and non-PGD were tested for and correlation of LUS score and PGD grading was assessed. Result(s): To date, data has been collected from 29 consecutive adult patients in 12 months. A total of 816 lung ultrasound clips have been collected for analysis. The mean aeration scores in PGD patients was higher than non-PGD (t(42) = 4.58, p < 0.001). PGD severity grading and LUS score shows a moderate positive linear association r(42) =.67, p < 0.01. Conclusion(s): This interim data analysis demonstrates exciting potential of LUS as an imaging modality in this cohort for PGD. This study is set to continue for a further 12 months, to allow for a larger sample size and further analysis of the utilisation of LUS in this cohort.