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Autoregulation versus defaecation: An unusual side effect of CPAP (2014)

Type of publication: Conference abstract Author(s): *Stone H., *Fazal F., *Moudgil H., *Ahmad N., *Naicker T., *Srinivasan K. Citation: European Respiratory Journal, September 2014, vol./is. 44 (Suppl 58) Abstract: Introduction Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is the first line treatment for

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Sleep apnoea in the elderly (2014)

Type of publication: Journal article Author(s): *Ahmad N, *Srinivasan K, *Naicker TR, *Moudgil H Citation: The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, 11 2014, vol./is. 2/11(e21), 2213-2600;2213-2619 (2014 Nov) Abstract: Link to more details or full-text:

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