Hand and Wrist Injuries Related to Motocross Injuries: 5 Year Series (2019)

Type of publication:
Journal article

*Singh R.; *Hay S.; Chojnowski A.

The journal of hand surgery Asian-Pacific volume; Mar 2019; vol. 24 (no. 1); p. 60-64

BACKGROUND: The increasingly fashionable sport of motocross is practiced worldwide by millions of people, but there is very little in the literature regarding its associated injuries and their prevention. We therefore present the first comprehensive, prospective study looking at hand and wrist injuries resulting from motocross injuries in the UK. METHOD(S): Data was prospectively collected over a 5-year period (from 2010 to 2015) at our regional trauma unit. We exclusively looked at motocross riders. Injuries sustained via motorcycle were excluded from our study. RESULT(S): During the period studied (five years), 615 injuries were collected, including 240 patients with 265 hand and wrist injuries. Most of injuries were sustained in male patients. The patient's age range was from 4-78 years with most injuries occurring during the spring and summer months. A total of 96 (40%) patients required operative treatment. The most common injury pattern was distal radius fractures (n = 53, 20%), followed by metacarpal fractures (n = 38, 14%) and phalangeal fractures (n = 36, 13.5%). CONCLUSION(S): This study shows the impact and incidence of related hand and wrist injuries. Motocross is a globally fashionable sport. This study shows that the number of annual tournaments and racers have doubled in last 5 years. The number of hand and wrist related injuries and operative requirements have quadruples over the last five years. It is recognized as a high-risk sport despite the use of protective equipment and course adaptions. These injuries can have implications for nearby treating hospitals.