FUSIC HD. Comprehensive haemodynamic assessment with ultrasound (2021)

Type of publication:
Journal article

*Miller A.; Peck M.; Clark T.; Conway H.; Olusanya S.; Fletcher N.; Aron J.; Coleman N.; Parulekar P.; Kirk-Bayley J.; Wilkinson J.N.; Wong A.; Stephens J.; Rubino A.; Attwood B.; Walden A.; Breen A.; Waraich M.; Nix C.; Hayward S.

Journal of the Intensive Care Society; 2021 [epub ahead of print]

FUSIC haemodynamics (HD) – the latest Focused Ultrasound in Intensive Care (FUSIC) module created by the
Intensive Care Society (ICS) – describes a complete haemodynamic assessment with ultrasound based on ten
key clinical questions: 1. Is stroke volume abnormal? 2. Is stroke volume responsive to fluid, vasopressors or
inotropes? 3. Is the aorta abnormal? 4. Is the aortic valve, mitral valve or tricuspid valve severely abnormal? 5. Is there systolic anterior motion of the mitral valve? 6. Is there a regional wall motion abnormality? 7. Are there
features of raised left atrial pressure? 8. Are there features of right ventricular impairment or raised pulmonary
artery pressure? 9. Are there features of tamponade? 10. Is there venous congestion? FUSIC HD is the first
system of its kind to interrogate major cardiac, arterial and venous structures to direct time-critical
interventions in acutely unwell patients. This article explains the rationale for this accreditation, outlines the
training pathway and summarises the ten clinical questions. Further details are included in an online
supplementary appendix.

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