Emergency management of neck stoma patients during the coronavirus pandemic: a national nurse survey (2021)

Type of publication:
Journal article

Senior A.; *Chan J.; Brookes K.; *Jolly K.; *Darr A.; *Ameen R.

British Journal of Nursing; Jun 2021; vol. 30 (no. 12); p. 742-746

BACKGROUND: Neck stoma patient care involves significant clinical complexity. Inadequate staff training, equipment provision and infrastructure have all been highlighted as causes for avoidable patient harm.
AIMS: To establish the perception of knowledge and confidence levels relating to the emergency management of neck stomas among UK nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
METHOD(S): A nationwide prospective electronic survey of both primary and secondary care nurses via the Royal College of Nursing and social media. FINDINGS: 402 responses were collated: 81 primary care and 321 secondary care; the majority (n=130) were band 5. Forty-nine per cent could differentiate between a laryngectomy and a tracheostomy; ENT nurses scored highest (1.56; range 0-2) on knowledge. Fifty-seven per cent could oxygenate a tracheostomy stoma correctly and 54% could oxygenate a laryngectomy stoma correctly. Sixty-five per cent cited inadequate neck stoma training and 91% felt inclusion of neck stoma training was essential within the nursing curriculum.
CONCLUSION(S): Clinical deficiencies of management identified by nurses can be attributed to a lack of confidence secondary to reduced clinical exposure and education.

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