Crucial, complex, caring: a new professional development framework for Lung Cancer Nurse Specialists (2022)

Type of publication:Conference abstract

Author(s):Roberts J.; Barton P.; Clayton K.; Fenemore J.; Ivey S.; *McAdam J.; Shepherd P.

Citation:Lung Cancer. Conference: 20th Annual British Thoracic Oncology Group Conference 2022. Virtual, Online. 165(Supplement 1) (pp S40), 2022. Date of Publication: March 2022.

Abstract:Introduction: Lung cancer specialist nursing is a varied, valuable and rewarding career, and the need for lung cancer nurse specialists (LCNS) is increasing. Lung Cancer Nursing UK (LCNUK) wants to encourage nurses to aspire to becoming an LCNS, and to support those already working in lung cancer teams to flourish professionally. We want employers to recognise LCNS' capabilities and to recruit and reward them accordingly. LCNUK therefore set out to draft the first professional development framework for LCNS. The Framework is intended to guide nurses, line managers and employers on the core skills, knowledge and expertise that LCNS will gain and demonstrate as they progress in role. Method(s): LCNUK convened a working group which reviewed exemplars and supporting literature. The team produced a draft framework setting out the qualifications, skills and capabilities needed by nurses operating at different levels, aligned with the (Figure Presented) four pillars of advanced practice. Feedback on the draft was sought from expert stakeholders before the final document was approved by the LCNUK Steering Committee. The Framework was developed in a collaboration between LCNUK and MSD, who funded a policy consultancy to provide secretariat support. LCNUK retained editorial independence of the framework content. Result(s): The Framework sets out the qualifications, clinical skills, knowledge, leadership and management and research capabilities that LCNUK expects aspiring and existing LCNS to demonstrate or be working towards. It includes case studies of nurses' career journeys and an example of a successful case for job matching and re-banding. The Framework is available on the LCNUK website at Conclusion(s): The Framework asserts the crucial role of LCNS in managing safety-critical and complex patient care and in leading service delivery and improvement. We hope it will prove a valuable tool to nurses, employers and policymakers in understanding the complexity and importance of this essential role.