Acute appendicitis-can we shorten the length of hospital stay? (2020)

Type of publication:
Conference abstract

British Journal of Surgery; Jun 2020; vol. 107 ; p. 197

*Jones G.; *Bura K.; *Rink J.

Introduction: Appendicectomy is the most commonly performed emergency general surgical operation in the UK. Hospital episode data revealed that our unit had longer than average length of stay (LOS). We designed a study to examine our length of stay and management of acute appendicitis. Method(s): We performed a retrospective study of consecutive patients undergoing appendicectomy from January to March 2019. Cases were identified from theatre logbooks. Data collection included demographics, pre and post-operative LOS, CT imaging and histology. The data was then examined to see what factors were associated with length of stay and where improvements might be realised. Result(s): 71 patients were identified. Mean LOS was 81 hours, mean time to theatre from admission was 22 hours withmean post-operative LOS at 58 hours. There was a difference between females vs males LOS 95 vs 67 hours. CT scan was obtained in 26 patients and the mean time to theatre in these patients was longer at 27 hours compared to 20 hours in the non- CT group. Patients who took longer to get to theatre had increased LOS. Conclusion(s): Rapid access to CT could shorten time to theatre. Getting patients to theatre quicker might shorten post-operative length of stay.

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