MRI of the Achilles tendon - a comprehensive pictorial review. Part two (2021)

Type of publication:
Journal article

Szaro P.; Nilsson-Helander K.; *Carmont M.

European Journal of Radiology Open; Jan 2021; vol. 8

The most common disorder affecting the Achilles tendon is midportion tendinopathy. A focal fluid signal indicates microtears, which may progress to partial and complete rupture. Assessment of Achilles tendon healing should be based on tendon morphology and tension rather than structural signal. After nonoperative management or surgical repair of the Achilles tendon, areas of fluid signal is pathologic because it indicates re-rupture. A higher signal in the postoperative Achilles tendon is a common finding and is present for a prolonged period following surgical intervention and needs to be interpreted alongside the clinical appearance.

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