Paediatric Injuries Pre And During COVID-19 Requiring an Operative Intervention: The District General Hospital Experience (2021)

Type of publication:Conference abstract

Author(s):*Howard E.; *Arshad S.; *Kabariti R.; *Roach R.

Citation:British Journal of Surgery; Sep 2021; vol. 108, Supplement 6

Abstract:Aim: To assess the effect of lockdown and the following summer period on paediatric trauma patients who required an operative intervention in a district general hospital. Method(s): A single centre retrospective audit was performed on all paediatric patients <16 years requiring an operative intervention. Two study periods were assessed-pre-COVID (22/03/2019-30/09/2019) and during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent summer period (26/03/ 2020-26/09/2020). Data were collected on patient demographics, type of injury sustained, and intervention performed. Result(s): During the COVID-19 pandemic 119 operations were performed, compared to 238 operations performed before the pandemic. Distal radius fractures were the most common injury both during and before the pandemic. However, during the pandemic there was a higher incidence of both hand injuries and lower limb lacerations. The most common type of operation both before and during the pandemic was manipulation under anaesthetic, but there was an increased incidence of washouts performed during the pandemic. Conclusion(s): Despite extensive restructuring of services due to COVID-19, 119 operations were performed during the pandemic. However, this is 119 fewer operations than the same period of the previous year. The reduced rate of operations could be a consequence of increased parental supervision, and less outdoor activity during the pandemic period, but further research is necessary.

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