The rise in trauma & orthopaedic trainee-led research and audit collaborative projects in the united kingdom since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. (2022)

Type of publication:
Conference abstract

*Khaleeq T.; *Kabariti R.; *Ahmed U.

British Journal of Surgery. Conference: ASiT Surgical Innovation Summit – Future Surgery Show. London United Kingdom. 109(SUPPL 1) (pp i13), 2022. Date of Publication: March 2022.

Introduction: There has been a significant rise in trainee-led trauma & orthopaedic (T&O) multi-centre research collaborative projects globally. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more emphasis has been on global collaborative research efforts to tackle important research questions. The aim was to evaluate the number of T&O trainee-led research collaborative projects that took part since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. Method(s): A retrospective study that evaluated T&O trainee-led national collaborative projects within the UK since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown (March 2020 to June 2021). Our exclusion criteria included any regional collaborative projects, projects that were started pre-COVID and projects of other surgical specialities. The number of projects identified was compared to that in 2019. Result(s): In 2019, 0 trainee-led collaborative projects were commenced nationally in the UK. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we identified 10 trainee-led collaborative trauma & orthopaedic projects with 3 being published so far. The level of evidence ranged between 3 and 4. Conclusion(s): Covid has placed significant challenges across healthcare. One positive aspect that has been noted is the increase in multi-centre trainee-led collaborative projects within the UK. Our study highlights the feasibility of a trainee-led high quality collaborative research projects in the UK, emphasising the growing contribution of trainees towards research. Wide-spread availability of new technological tools suchas social media and Redcap facilitates such projects in terms of recruitment and data collection. We would, therefore, recommend expanding this trainee-led collaborative platform across in Europe and Worldwide.

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