Early Cholecystectomy in the Ageing Population (2022)

Type of publication:
Conference abstract

*Sturges P.; *Gupta A.; *Rashid U.; *Rupasinghe S.N.; *Adjepong S.; *Parampalli U.; *Kirby G.C.; *Jain R.K.; *Rink J.; *Riera-Portell M.; *Pattar J.

British Journal of Surgery. Conference: ASiT Surgical Conference 2022. Aberdeen United Kingdom. 109(Supplement 6) (pp vi67), 2022. Date of Publication: September 2022.

Background: The age group of patients presenting acutely with biliary pathology is rising and gallstone disease can no longer be said to be a disease of the young. The World Health Organisation classifies those aged 65 and over as elderly. Early cholecystectomy is accepted as a safe and effective method of managing acute biliary pathology, reducing further admissions, and reducing in-hospital stays. Our unit does not use age as barrier but uses performance status and co-morbidity to identify potential candidates for cholecystectomy. Method(s): Patients over the age of 65 who underwent acute cholecystectomy (AC) via the emergency cholecystectomy lists, were audited from 31st December 2019 to 31st June 2021. Patient demographics, co-morbidities and surgical factors were recorded. The primary outcome measures were in-hospital stay and re-admission, secondary outcomes were complications and perioperative mortality. Result(s): 41 elderly patients underwent AC during the audit period, (Female 56%, Male 44%). 30 patients had acute cholecystitis (73%). The median inpatient stay following surgery was 2 days (range 2-5 days) and the median admission to surgery time was 6 days (range 5-12 days). Three patients had a subtotal cholecystectomy. There were 3 complications from surgery which were all between a Clavien-Dindo score of 2 and 3. There were 3 immediate post-operative readmissions, with one 30-day mortality from ERCP pancreatitis and not from the operation. Conclusion(s): Early cholecystectomy appears to be a safe and effective treatment for this group of patients and based on this evidence we should continue to offer this treatment to patients irrespective of age.