The Perils of Riding Motocross: A Summary of this Extensive, Prospective Study (2023)

Type of publication:Journal article

Author(s):Hay B; *Singh R; Hay S

Citation:Indian Journal of Orthopaedics. 1-6, 2023 Feb 07

Abstract:Background: Motocross is a high-risk form of motorbiking where serious injuries occur regularly, although little data have been collected to illustrate this relationship. Over 5 years, teams from RJAH Oswestry and RSH sought to demonstrate the impact of Motocross on orthopaedic presentation and workload. Method: Data were collected prospectively over 5 years including 615 orthopaedic injuries associated with both recreational and competitive motocross. Results: An increase in injury and operation frequency was observed, young males were identified as the highest risk participant. This was evident over winter and weekends, during the competitive racing season. A variety of injuries have been implicated, some with life threatening or disabling consequences. Conclusion: Motocross has seen exponential growth in popularity with increases in injuries and operations. This implicates major impacts on finances and healthcare, especially at times of seasonal vulnerability. The authors encourage event organisers to explore the avenues of rider safety in this increasingly popular sport.

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