Cerebrospinal fluid leak following a COVID-19 nasopharyngeal swab (2021)

Type of publication:Journal article

Author(s):*Hill, Thomas ; *Sivapatham, Stefan; *Metcalfe, Christopher; *Tzortzis, Sevina

Citation:British Journal of Hospital Medicine (17508460); Nov 2022; vol. 82 (no. 11); p. 398-400

Abstract:The article describes the case of an adult who developed cerebrospinal fluid leak after taking a COVID-19 nasopharyngeal swab.

Description of a novel technique for creation of a custom-made prosthesis to aid vocalisation following laryngectomy (2021)

Type of publication:
Journal article

*Halliday, E; *Beswick, H; *Bunn, S; *Ahsan, S F

European Annals of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Diseases; Dec 2021; vol. 138 (no. 6); p. 475-477

There are various options to restore phonation after laryngectomy; one option involves using tracheo-oesophageal voice by placing a speaking valve through the tracheo-oesophageal wall. Some patients struggle to obtain good fixation of an adhesive base plate to the skin; this can result in air leakage and poor voice. We describe a technique using a custom-made prosthesis to provide a better base plate for fixation of the heat and moisture exchange cassette. This technique involves making an impression of the anterior neck around the laryngectomy stoma to create an anatomically fitted prosthesis, which accurately fills the void around the stoma. The custom-made prosthesis provides a more individualised fit compared to a standard base plate, helping improve vocalisation and communication.