Critical Appraisal

We can help to enable you and your team to understand how to appraise research literature for its validity and relevance to clinical practice.

HEE Critically Appraising the Evidence Base programme

This programme has been designed to enable you to build confidence in the critical appraisal process when applying and evaluating research, through 8 bite-sized modules.

As the next step to research review, critical appraisal is the process of assessing the reliability, importance, and applicability of evidence. It can be applied to a range of written work such as formal research projects, studies and professional development to check validity and determine value.

This programme can be ‘dipped into’ for reference or completed as a whole to obtain a certificate (if you'd like to record your learning and get a certificate, you'll need to register with elfh)

This e-learning programme includes 8 sessions.

  • Introduction to Critical Appraisal
  • Introduction to Health Inequalities
  • Introduction to Critical Appraisal of Randomised Controlled Trials
  • Introduction to Interpreting Results for Critical Appraisal
  • Introduction to Critical Appraisal of Systematic Reviews
  • Introduction to Critical Appraisal of Qualitative Studies
  • Introduction to Critical Appraisal of Diagnostic Studies
  • Introduction to Critical Appraisal Tools

The sessions are short, with each topic taking approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Each session includes reference links to further resources should learners choose to check their understanding throughout the programme.

Books and e-books

We have a list of critical appraisal books on our catalogue, with a mix of print and e-book copies.