UpToDate clinical decision support tool

UpToDate is an evidence-based knowledge system that helps clinicians make the right decisions at the point of care. It contains over 10,000 articles, providing evidence-graded treatment recommendations as well as diagnostic and other information for common as well as rare conditions.

It is available on-site on Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust PCs without a password by using the Intranet app link.

On-site access

Off-site access

Off-site use requires either an NHS OpenAthens account, or a registration created whilst using UpToDate on-site. By creating a registration, you'll also be able to earn CME/CPD points, and use the registration to access the mobile app.

You'll need to revalidate your account every 90 days by logging in with your personal account whilst using a SaTH PC.

Mobile access

The UpToDate site is designed to work on all devices so can be accessed in the same way as off-site access. A mobile app is also available and this requires the use of a personal registration created whilst using UpToDate on-site.



By logging into the mobile app with your personal registration, CME/CPD points can be recorded, and you won't need to keep logging in. The mobile app does require an internet connection to work.

Accessing UpToDate tutorial


A Nurses’ Guide to Using UpToDate