BrowZine allows you to browse journals available to your organisation. Journals can be browed by topic, or you can search for a specific title to check for access.

You can browse the contents pages of journals, and if your organisation has access, you can access the full-text via an NHS OpenAthens account. Where full-text access is not available for a specific issue or article, you can complete a request form to order a copy at no charge through the library.

The version of BrowZine we have access to is a basic version, so we don't have access to the BrowZine app (though BrowZine will work on mobile devices) and there is no ability to create you own bookshelves, but it does make it easier to locate, browse, and access our journals.

Locating full-text journal articles on other websites

BrowZine offers a browser extension called LibKey Nomad, and this is available for Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Install the extension and select the organisation you work for.

Once installed, LibKey Nomad indicates if an article is available in full-text through your library. It works on many publisher websites, PubMed, and Wikipedia and adds links to access the full-text or PDF.