Librarians give health professionals the ‘gift of time’

We know that all healthcare professionals are short of time – time to be confident you have the most relevant, evidence-based information you need.

A recent report to an All-Party Parliamentary Group commissioned by HEE, Library and Knowledge Services Value Proposition: The Gift of Time, clearly outlines the true value of NHS Library and Knowledge Services having both a direct and indirect effect on the care patients receive. They make a positive impact on services as a whole, providing an economic value of millions of pounds to the NHS.

Health librarians and knowledge specialists make the gathering of information as easy as possible for you, relieving the burden of sourcing and synthesising evidence while enabling NHS organisations to meet their statutory obligations to get evidence into practice across the service.

Findings in a recently published international literature review suggest a return of £2.40 for every £1 spend on NHS library and knowledge services.

Patrick Mitchell, Director of Innovation and Transformation, Health Education England, said:

“This report gives us some truly great insight into the value that embedded NHS Library and Knowledge Services bring to staff at all levels of  the healthcare system when planning and delivering care for local people.”