6 ways OmniSearch makes searching easier

Our OmniSearch facility has undergone a few changes recently, and is now even more powerful. Here are 6 reasons why.

1. You can now search books and e-books at the same time

2. You can even search books, e-books and articles at the same time!

3. Books, e-books and articles are now searched using WorldCat Discovery, offering you new features such as book covers, citation tools, and easy filtering of results

4. The Article search finds articles in Medline, PsycARTICLES, ERIC, PubMed Central and the Cochrane Library so you don't have to search individual databases

5. The Evidence tab allows you to search Trip Database for various types of evidence (such as guidelines, systematic reviews or evidence summaries), the Cochrane Library (for systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials), BMJ Best Practice (for summaries of evidence) or the BNF/BNFc (for prescribing information)

6. Searches are carried from one search tab to the next so you can repeat the search in different resources quickly

For more information, visit our new OmniSearch guide.