Reminiscence boxes for people with dementia

We have Reminiscence Boxes available in both libraries to help support people with dementia. The boxes contain items to provoke memories and discussion, and can be borrowed by library members for use in hospital or in the community.

The boxes are themed, and at Shrewsbury we have one that covers household items (including kitchen items, a ration book, coin packs etc.), while the other contains childhood games. At Telford we have a box that covers seaside and holiday memories, and another that covers gardening.

All boxes contain copies of ‘Picture books to share’ that tie in with the box’s theme, and these books are specially designed for use with people with dementia, with large colourful pictures and photographs along with some accompanying text.

The boxes can be borrowed for up to 28 days at a time, and renewed if no-one is waiting for them.

We hope you’ll find the boxes useful, and we’re keen to see them used as much as possible. We welcome feedback on the contents, and plan to develop them over time in response to feedback about items work better.