Health and Care Wellbeing Festival Guest Speakers - Books in Stock

Following on from this week’s Health and Care Wellbeing Festival, two of the speakers featured have books available for loan in Telford and Shrewsbury Health Libraries.


They touch on Self Confidence and Mindfulness and are part of a number of books available in our Mental Health and Leadership section.


Ruby Wax

How To Be Human

A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled

Sane New World: Taming the Mind

Paul McGee

How to Speak so People Really Listen

Shut Up Move On (SUMO)

Self Confidence


Developing People - Improving Care

NHS Improvement recently published the paper Developing People - Improving Care Strategic Framework: A national framework for action on improvement and leadership development in NHS-funded services.

This strategy focuses on developing improvement skills and leadership capabilities in the NHS, and covers areas such as:

  • Systems leadership for staff who are working with partners in other local services
  • Quality improvement methods that draw on staff and service users’ knowledge and experience
  • Inclusive and compassionate leadership, so that all staff are listened to, understood and supported, and that leaders at every level of the health system truly reflect the talents and diversity of people working in the system and the communities they serve
  • Talent management to support NHS-funded services to fill senior current vacancies and future leadership pipelines with the right numbers of diverse, appropriately developed people

The strategy will help the NHS to develop capability and capacity to deliver the Five Year Forward Plan and Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs).