Happy Easter from SaTH Health Libraries

To entertain you this Easter, have a go at our Easter Puzzle sheet – fun for all the family.

There are no prizes – it is just for the challenge! Answers are available from Shrewsbury and Telford Health Libraries.

Our opening hours over the Easter holidays are:
Open as normal until 5pm on Thursday 1 April
Then unstaffed Friday 2 April – Monday 5 April
We reopen 8.30 on Tuesday 6 April

If you need access over the Easter holidays, contact us beforehand:
Shrewsbury Health Library ext 2512

Telford Health Library ext 4440

Confused by Medical Terminology?

Are you regularly working with medical terminology but not medically trained?  Are you sometimes confounded and bamboozled by medical terms and doctors’ jargon?

Your Health Library can help!  We have a selection of books on medical terminology, explaining how conditions and treatments get their names, as well as the Latin and Greek components that are used to create them. Splitting the word into its parts very often makes it so much easier to understand – and to type too!


PHEO-                   means dusky

-CHROMO-           means colour

-CYT-                      refers to a cell

-OMA                      a suffix meaning tumour

Visit SaTH Health Libraries today.  We are staffed 8.30 – 17.00 Monday to Friday.

OR join the library online

Bust that medical jargon!

Doctor Jargon – A new game available to borrow from Telford Health Library.

Practice communicating without using jargon!

It is all too easy to assume that patients will understand medical descriptions and technical terms but they are often just left bamboozled and confused, and are too embarrassed to ask for clarification. This game gets you to practice busting that jargon and explaining conditions and  treatment  in normal everyday language without slipping into those medical terms you use with colleagues.  Work as individuals or in teams to describe medical terminology without using key jargon and specialist language.



Why not try it in a group of colleagues or at an update meeting – a fun way to practice good patient communication skills.

Let’s talk about dementia


SaTH Health Library have lots of resources to help you get a better understanding of dementia.  This includes information, advice and support, books, leaflets, contacts, and much more.  Investigate our reminiscence boxes and evoke old memories from objects and smells.  Borrow then for use with staff or patients.



Of particular interest to:

– Anyone whom works with people diagnosed with dementia

– People who have a friend or family member who has dementia

– People in the early stages of the disease




The Sepsis Game

To tie in with Wear Red Day, why not learn more about sepsis in an entertaining way.

Shrewsbury and Telford Health Libraries stock a range of educational board games including The Sepsis Game.

Play in the library or borrow it for your department to improve your knowledge together.


Relax with a good book

SaTH Health Libraries are not just about medical and management titles.  We also have a range of leisure books to help you escape into another world.

Grab a biography…. get caught up in a murder ….. go off on an adventure ….. curl up with a romance…..

We even have a collection of “Quick Reads” to fit in with your busy life.  All the excitement  but in a short sharp format.

Relax and chill with a good book!


Healthy Lives Collections at Telford and Shrewsbury Health Libraries

Look out for promotions, displays, books and masses of handy take-away leaflets on a variety of health topics to help staff and patients maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For example:

  • Diet and diabetes
  • Giving up smoking
  • Mindfulness
  • Dementia
  • and much more…

Come along and investigate our Healthy Lives collections for lots of information to help maintain a better style of living.

Flash Cards available to borrow from Telford Health Library

Boxes of themed flashcards are available to borrow from SaTH Health Libraries.  They are packs of short sharp facts to help you gain skills quickly and easily – ideal study aids.  They are perfect for revision or to update your skills base. Titles include:

Gray’s Anatomy for Students

Netter’s Anatomy

Netter’s Physiology

Case Cards – common consulting challenges

Visit our catalogue to request and renew titles.



Reminiscence Boxes to borrow

Borrow reminiscence books and themed boxes to use with an individual or a group.  They are ideal for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Accessible and entertaining, they improve engagement between staff and patients, evoking memories and encouraging communication.

Themed boxes include: The Garden, Childhood, The Beach and Household





Check out the full list of available books in the “Pictures to Share” series

Ebooks available for instant download

Shrewsbury and Telford Health Libraries offer access to thousands of e-Books covering a whole range of topics – ideal for reading on the go! Trusted content from authoritative scholarly sources and on a wide range of health related subjects.  Search the e-Books collection by keyword to read online or download to your device.  You will need your OpenAthens log-in to access the titles.  Ask library staff if you need any help.

Browse the e-Book selection on our website