Not sure where to publish your article? Ask Jane!

Are you looking to write an article for a scholarly journal, or already have but don’t know where to submit it to? Try asking Jane.

Jane (the ‘Journal / Author Name Estimator’) is a tool for finding relevant journals in your subject area. Simply enter your title (and abstract if you have one), click ‘Find Journals’ and see what Jane suggests.

Jane compares your article title and abstract to millions of articles in PubMed and find journals with the best matches. Jane also shows each journal’s ¬†Article Influence (AI) score and indicates which journals are indexed in Medline, and which ones offer open access without charging.

Checking Jane can also help you to avoid predatory publishers.

If you’re looking to write or publish, don’t forget that library staff can help you with literature searches, supply copies of books or articles you’re referencing, and we also maintain a database of staff publications to help you publicise your work.