Read by QxMD

Use Read by QxMD to create a personalised alerting service for journal articles, and connect to full-text if your organisation subscribes to the journal.

You can link to the journal collections of Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust, Staffordshire University or Keele University. Free registration required, along with an NHS OpenAthens or university login to access full-text articles from your institution.

As well as being able to visit the desktop version or mobile app to see the latest papers, you'll also be sent emails (which you can unsubscribe from if necessary) of papers that match your interests.

Visit the Read by QxMD website now

Desktop access

Visit Read by QxMD. Follow the link to ‘Use it Online’ to access the desktop version. You’ll need to create a free account, and the same account can also be used on the mobile version.

Once logged in, you can select your institution so that QxMD knows which journals you should have full-text access to.

You can then select any specialties, journals, collections, or keywords you wish to follow so you can build your own personalised journal of recent articles.

The ‘Featured papers’ section features selected papers that match some or all of your criteria. You can also visit each of the other sections (journals, collections and keywords) and see papers matching those criteria. If there are unread papers, there will be a red marker by each section.

Read by QxMD will indicate the type of article if it’s a review, editorial, comment etc.

To view a paper, click on it. You’ll see the full abstract, and links to full-text if it is available.

Select a full-text link and Read by QxMD will attempt to download the full-text or a PDF. You may be asked to enter your OpenAthens details depending on the journal platform.

If your institution doesn’t have access, Read by QxMD will let you know.

You can also up-vote (or down-vote) articles, and add to a collection using the star icon. Collections can be created to save papers in, and you can have multiple collections and make them public.

Mobile app

A mobile app is also available for Android and iOS devices. Once downloaded, you’ll need to use or create a personal account – you can use the same one as a desktop version, and your settings are synched across the desktop and mobile versions. You can then select your institution if necessary.

Unlike the desktop version you can save your OpenAthens account for quicker access.

The mobile app works in the same way as the desktop version, but makes retrieving PDF copies easier as it uses your stored OpenAthens details to attempt to download a PDF when you click on an article, and there is no need to select where to obtain the PDF from.

No full-text?

Because Read by QxMD covers a wide range of journals, there will be some articles we don’t have access to. In this case, you may want to order a copy via our Article Request Form and we will send a copy to you.

Things to note

  • There is no means of removing papers you’ve already read from the ‘Featured Papers’ section
  • On iPhones, the top menu doesn’t always appear
  • On older iOS devices the app doesn’t allow you to store your OpenAthens account details

Follow the latest staff publications on Read by QxMD

We've created a collection of the latest publications involving staff or patients of Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust, and this can be followed on Read by QxMD. You can also find staff publications on the Staff Publications Hub.